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I started to listen to OM Bands in 1964 in Dakar where i met Noël, 6W8DD.

We've been doing a lot of listening using a BC 312 with Marcel RICHER who'll become: FR7BB , FY7BW , 3X0HNU.

- 1967 the FFA , i meet my "godfather" DL5SK aka F8QS , Bernard VILLENEUVE , learning a lot about "Technic" because Bernard is a fan of remote controlled cars, built my first Maria MALUKA then..............First call in 1968 , it was DL5SB .....The calls have been reattributed. Halas, no pics.

FO8IV - FO8KP & FO8EX in 2000

- 1971 in St MAIXENT L'école (79, France) , meeting with F6AUS and xyl Marcelle and their daughter Nathalie......

Mobile radio in Chassiron , Oléron island.......did not think of EU-032...HI

- 1976 departure to FO8...........great , my call is now FO8EX, managed by F6AUS.............Visit of Bora-Bora , Mooréa , Paques island thanks to brother Dave, CE0AE; Then MARQUISES where we've been lucky enough to meet Jacques BREL.

- 1978 back in Metropolitan France

F6BUM'familly in 2000

TZ9A & sa fille Lia

TZ9A & daughter LIA in 2005

TZ9A in 2005